These Cool Hypnotizing Lamps Bloom Like Flowers When You Turn Them On

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In Studio Drift’s recent installation titled, Shylight, the imitation of the natural movement of how flowers react to light and the absence of it is created.

The light sculpture unfolds and retreats in an incredible choreographic way just as flowers would. Typically, sculptures are static without movement, but Shylight truly comes to life and blossoms into glorious beauty.

The movement of the lights can be controlled by an iPhone or iPad…

…opening up a range of possibilities such as a choreography to music

The Shylight is created out of many layers of silk, which cause it to move with the grace of a dancer

Shylight unfolds by a system of springs, creating the form once out of the cocoon

Made by: Lonneke Gordijn, Ralph Nauta and Jozeph Hendricks


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