8 Simple but Brilliant Life Hacks To Make Your Home Smell Fresh And Beautiful

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Imagine waking up in the morning after a long weekend of visitors and fun only to be bombarded by a mixture of smells you wished never existed. It’s bound to happen to most of us and is definitely going to happen if you’re a mum with kids.

But that doesn’t mean you have to accept it. Hell no! Which is why I scouted the great wide web for a list of easy, cheap and effective DIY’s that will help freshen up a stuffy room and prevent those unwanted odors from spoiling your mornings ever again.

Open up those windows, grab a cup of coffee and let’s get cracking!

1. Coffee Scented Candles

via thelovelydrawer

Imagine waking up to a fresh cup of coffee AND the fresh smell of coffee floating around your room. Sounds like heaven to me. In this awesome DIY, all you need is some stone textured spray paint, a base or glass cup, coffee beans and candles to melt. This makes a beautiful addition to any dressing table, coffee table or bedside table!

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