8 Ridiculously Clever But Obvious Life Hacks That Will Blow Your Mind

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3. Stack Your Pans Using This Rack

Annoyed with a lack of space for your pans? Need a quick fix that doesn’t require building anything? No problem, purchase this rack for a few bucks and use it as the perfect rack to stack your pans.

4. Use ToothPaste To Easily Clean Off Water Marks

As you’ve probably realized by now, toothpaste isn’t just for teeth! The Flouride in toothpaste works just as well on those old water marks left on tablets from cups, cans, and mugs. Grab a cloth, spread some toothpaste over the marked areas and shine until your surfaces look as good as new.

5. Prevent Paint Spills From Cans Using A Rubber Band

Paint spills and droplets come with the territory of DIY and crafts which is what led me to this hack. By simply attaching a rubber band around the center of your paint tin, you can just rub off excess paint when scooping up your paintbrush without causing a mess or any wastage!

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