30 Insanely Ingenious and Brilliant Hacks For Dog Owners That Will Make Your Life Easier

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4. Protect your pup’s paws from chapping and cracking in the winter.

Apply a bit of Vaseline to them before you take them out for a walk. Afterwards, rinse their paws in warm water to rid of any salt or chemicals they might have picked up.

5. Make your own jerky that’s healthy for your dog and easy on your wallet.

Store bought jerky may be delicious to your pup but it might not be as fun for your wallet. Baking or dehydrating your own jerky can save you a lot of money and can even be healthier for your pooch. Check out the above recipe for oven-baked chicken jerky, and you should even add parsley to help your canine’s breath. Those slobbery kisses are inevitable!

6. For a multi-person household, get the Membo, which has tiles you can flip that signify whether the dog has been fed already.

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