30 Insanely Ingenious and Brilliant Hacks For Dog Owners That Will Make Your Life Easier

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Here’s a list of some clever tips and tricks for your dog parenting needs, to make it so much more easier. Your life will never be this easy ever again. You love your dog and no one knows it better than us. Check them out!

1. Make a cozy and soft sleeping spot for your dog by this easy DIY “Sweatshirt Pet Bed”.

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2. Give your dog an icy summer treat during that is paw-lickin’ good!

Add chicken broth and apple slices to your ice tray (another amazing option is peanut butter and water) and produce the most amazing chunks of ice for you dog to enjoy.

3. Store dry kibble in air-tight containers to keep them fresh and save space.

The air-tight containers will do an efficient job of keeping your dog’s meals fresh and easy to serve. You can store it away in the kitchen and never have to see those over-sized, unattractive bags again.

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