12 Brilliant Life Hacks You’ll Wish You’d Thought Of

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Even if you’re not the biggest fan of the term “hack,” you have to admit that there are a lot of helpful, creative ideas floating around out there that can make your life easier. Whether you refer to them as hacks or tips or solutions, the bottom line is that they have the ability to turn an annoying or difficult task into something more manageable.

One of the biggest places you can benefit from hacks (or whatever you want to call them) is in and around the home. For example, if you need some quick and easy tips to make painting a wall easier, there are a slew of them out there just waiting for you to try. The same goes for working on your car or in your garage; you name it, someone has probably already come up with a hack for it. Check out the list below to see what I mean!

1. Painting Wall Prep

Get your walls ready for paint by using a Swiffer to clean dust and debris from them.

2. Fill Nail Holes

Covering up nail holes has never been easier thanks to crayons!

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